• father daughter beach cuddle family photoshoot
  • black and white photograph of a bride and groom walking towards the sea with Es Vedra island as the backdrop



Portrait Gypsy Westwood Ibiza Mallorca Photographer

My name is Gypsy (really).

I was born and raised on Ibiza. I grew up in an amazing creative environment, my father is also a photographer and my mother was a dress designer. I had a magical upbringing.

I feel very fortunate to have discovered a passion for photography early on and then make it my profession over the last two decades.

Why Photographs? Because they tell a story. Because nothing lasts. Because they are a forever.

I was one of the first professional photographers in Ibiza, shooting in the now very fashionable relaxed documentary style. I have photographed more than 500 weddings on the island, am well known to the local community and I am certainly one of the most experienced Ibiza Wedding photographers here.

I have always been fascinated by authentic people and real life stories. I love a love story. Weddings and family portraits are very much filled with all of these things. I love that I get to tell these beautiful stories through my photographs.