My background in Fine Art inspires and influences my creative approach to produce stylish contemporary wedding photographs with a timeless feel. The images I take are professional and beautiful and will be unforgettable memories of your important day, captured forever.

At the wedding I don’t like to be an intrusive presence, preferring instead to mingle quietly with the crowd and capture the intricacies of the experience as I see them unfolding naturally.

As one of the first photographers to shoot weddings in this style on the island, with my experience I am confident to produce professional images that highlight the very best of every wedding, whether in Ibiza or further afield.

I work with Nikon digital equipment and concentrate on using the spectacular natural light of the island.

I really love photographing people. There is beauty in capturing the true essence of a character in a photograph. That natural and spontaneous instant can sometimes reflect a whole personality, a mood, an emotion and can tell a story in a moment which will be kept forever.

Please contact me directly for a personal quote.