Leanne James and Lani family shoot in Ibiza

We are in full time hot summer here in Ibiza at the moment, we have not had such a hot summer in years. Though some days it seems unbearable and makes daily life and any work  a complete struggle ( the Spanish invented siestas for a reason) the heat makes me feel like its real [...]

Boating day out to Formentera

  Today I sit on a very cold day up the mountains in Les Houches France, watching the snow fall outside our window. It is silent and calm. Though I am not a massive cold mountain-snowy kind of fan, there is something beautiful and calming about the snow. The mountains views are stunning. The snowboarding [...]


          Naples; famous for Pizza, Lemoncello, Vesuvius, Sfogliatella, Baba..... And recently made more famous by Elena Ferrante's book a Brilliant Friend. The inspiration and want to visit Naples I suppose came from reading the book but also having a great friend from Naples and it was just one of [...]

Winter Travels with My little Man

      Lucas and I have always done many small trips, just us, together since he was a baby. Mainly to see my brother or dad in the south of Spain or to London. With him as a baby I never took my professional camera, my hands always seemed full with baby [...]

Ana and Prindy on Boho Weddings

Ooohhh its always lovely to have a wedding featured and especially good friends Ana and Prindy....... Thanks Kelly and Bran!! x

Hayden and Lucas September LOVE.

Some sunny love from my lovely Lucas and Hayden......It was September sunshine and we were having fun with the camera......two beautiful boys. x LUCAS....... and HAYDEN....

Anna Kathleen from ibizaceremony.

Here is lovely Anna Kathleen...in my garden, under an almond tree.....She might be marrying you this summer....if you are lucky! She is also my lovely friend and mummy to my beautiful Ibiza childhood friends. www.ibizaceremony.com. x

Holidays over…2013 here we come…..x

All very last minute we had a very lucky family holiday to Thailand. After traveling there 13 years ago with my husband, it was amazing to see the changes, to stay in huts on the beach, to eat Pad Thai, Papaya salad, scoot on the scooters and well just be on holiday!! Back now...a week [...]