The Last Supper Club -Ibiza Outdoor Dining

The Last Supper Club group dining event in Ibiza, Spain.

Melissa and Dan’s Boho Ibiza Wonderland Wedding

I have had the summer off from my blog, not purposefully just because- I just could not fit it in. WHAT I didn't even manage to get to the beach much so who knows WHERE time goes. But now of course I have many beautiful things to show. Not only weddings, 50th and 60th parties, [...]

Holidaying with my family

  There is nothing more luxurious than being able to pop over on a 25 minute boat ride and end up in Paradise. Our little Formentera island. Every time we go we forget once we leave until we go back again what a beautiful little place it is, especially at the end of a long [...]

The Last Supper Club

  Last summer I worked on this project with the great La Grande Bouffe Ibiza  catering.  On the island and within our wedding world we have been there from the beginning, growing each year and at each wedding. So it is so great to be involved capturing their new venture, The Last Supper Club, out [...]

Boating day out to Formentera

  Today I sit on a very cold day up the mountains in Les Houches France, watching the snow fall outside our window. It is silent and calm. Though I am not a massive cold mountain-snowy kind of fan, there is something beautiful and calming about the snow. The mountains views are stunning. The snowboarding [...]


          Naples; famous for Pizza, Lemoncello, Vesuvius, Sfogliatella, Baba..... And recently made more famous by Elena Ferrante's book a Brilliant Friend. The inspiration and want to visit Naples I suppose came from reading the book but also having a great friend from Naples and it was just one of [...]

Winter Travels with My little Man

      Lucas and I have always done many small trips, just us, together since he was a baby. Mainly to see my brother or dad in the south of Spain or to London. With him as a baby I never took my professional camera, my hands always seemed full with baby [...]

These are just a few of my 2016 Favourites

      We are well into our winter months here. It has not stopped raining this year, amazing for the island no so great for sunny winter days! Christmas and New Year have passed and we are in 2017- already!! It is always a few months into these slower winter months that [...]