Professional Family Portraits in Ibiza

Who’s in?

I just got a call from a friend and client saying she won my family shoot in a charity raffle that I donated to last week! She laughed because she said she put it to her family and no way were they up for it! She will use the voucher in the new year for her business. NOT to photograph her family. Which made me think.

Every year I give away a few vouchers in different raffles on the island, the private international school, for my son’s local school and other different charity events. I think it is a ‘cherishable’ gift. Of course on my part, it is also a way of marketing and indirectly a way of donating to the charity or school fund! The thing is the vouchers are hardly ever claimed. Someone always wins them ( I have seen them claimed with my own eyes) but the winner does not contact me to use the prize. These are out of season events, so on island residents. They are all here, all year!

My question is; is this a raffle prize thing, if you do not get your physical prize there and then (bottle of wine, food basket) you don’t give it as much value and therefore do not claim it. Or is it a, not everyone wants or cares for a professional family portrait, or are just too uber camera shy thing? There are always, dinners, hotel stays, shops to shop in- do people not go and claim these? Or is it a cultural thing? The Spanish LOVE their family and kids photos, especially at Christmas – mainly in a studio- and do it every year. My dear colleague Saskia Bauer showed me her calendar for December. It was Packed full. The Americans pay the same as they do for a wedding photographer to have their yearly family portrait, end of graduation and kids photographed by a professional. So maybe it is Not an Ibiza thing amongst those buying raffle tickets?

In an age of photo mania, we are constantly bombarded with imagery everywhere. Photographs have become a very important way to document our lives. EVEN More so than before I think. We also all have a good quality camera now on our phones and take thousands of photos of our daily life; kids, pets, food, holidays, the list is endless? AND We are ‘made’ to show off and display our lives, in full, via social media.

I actually love looking at Family portraits. I am inspired looking back through the history (which I am rubbish at remembering names and dates of artists) of why when and who had family portraits made. The clothes, the light, their expressions all so important to understand the people and family members in them. Have you been to the National Portrait Gallery in London? A favourite of mine every time I visit. Of course with my Mother gone too, the photos, even just a good old snap shots of us, are cherished.

I ask again, why pass up on some beautiful family photographs? By a professional.

OF course plenty don’t. Along side the wedding photography, family photography comes hand in hand. I spend many beautiful moments with families who visit Ibiza looking for just that perfect memory. Summer moments strolling in Dalt Villa,  by the rocks of Cala Nova, over looking ES Vedra ( this is becoming a little yawn thanks to instagram) or watching that magical sunset in Benirras or Cala Conta. I get to photograph couples who’s wedding I have photographed returning with their baby bump or baby grown. The mega family holiday for a 50th wedding anniversary, the endless 30th, 40th,60th Birthdays, those hen and stags. It all happens on Ibiza. I love it. I get to know them over time. I see them grow. I get involved whether for an hour or a day. You become a little part of their Ibiza, their family, their party, for a little moment in time.

My conclusion; more people should get family portraits made, whether you are two or ten. You will always enjoy looking back over them.

Below a mini selection of favourite photographs over recent times taking Ibiza family portraits.

Mother and Father with their baby
Family portrait on the beach