Natalie and James married under the Best Pine on Ibiza

Atzaro Ibiza .  25th June 2022

Today it is just about a wedding. I have not actually posted just ‘a wedding’ in ages, I mean like years. what with all the gaps in my blog and then all the gaps in shooting weddings. The last one was at Atzaro too, you would think it is the only place I work! I have not gone through all my last years work properly yet. Here it starts. There is more. So happy to get the time, though I am continuously battling against time, to look through and appreciate last year more.

Looking at June 2022 now feels like a different era. Those first weeks of the season were insane for us (and most of the island) especially those in the event world. I mean it was just eat sleep repeat. Catch up from those two stunted years and then just EVERYONE wanting to be out and out and celebrating; something, whatever, just celebrating. It was a Wedding, a party, a birthday, a prewedding, 10 years, best friends, family, just time to CELEBRATE. It was exhausting. It was amazing. It was fulfilling. It felt great to be back. It felt like I had forgotten how to do it! But like riding a bicycle you don’t forget.

Natalie and Jamie. As said in the speeches by one of their friends- ‘only they could choose to get married in a cabbage patch garden.’ The new veg garden of Atzaro. It actually has the most beautiful great big round pine tree, which feels like it´s from a different land a different planet. I feels it brings this whole calmly home feeling whilst standing under it. Held by the tree. A Great place for a wedding ceremony. Their ceremony was personal and real and celebrated by a friend and just perfect.

They were camera shy, which is a subject of mine that I have talked about. I do get chosen by couples who are a little more camera conscious. Who want their wedding photographed but don’t want to spend the whole day with me and only me. They want a story told, their story told, in real time by a professional. I think I got this one! And I am so happy that this is what I am trusted for!

The rest was Atzáro! As is Atzaro; spectacular. Have I said before how I forget, when I shoot a wedding there, what it is, how it looks, to a new comer, to someone who has not seen it grow since the beginning. I have to take a step back and see the wow. WOW! Its ‘nice’ isn’t it.

Below a little of Natalie and Jamie’s Ibiza wedding story. Real Story Real Time Real people.

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Bride Celebrant getting ready Atzaro
First Look Bride Groom Atzaro Wedding
Bride and Father of the bride ceremony entrance
Bride and groom ceremony
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Guests Ibiza wedding reception
Guests Wedding Ibiza Atzaro
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