O N L I N E   M E N T O R I N G

Creating Confidence. Uping your game. Getting Organised. By a Creative for Creatives.

There is certainly a time in your photography career that group training is very valuable but you may also feel that having a little private one on one time with another professional photographer might be what is right, RIGHT now.

It could be you need to tackle your technical knowledge or work flow or maybe you need to organize the business side. Whether they are big hurdles or small pushes, they are questions I would like to help answer.

The Photography world and especially the Wedding Photography world have been put on hold over this last year but it is not over at all! Being prepared to go back in with that extra motivation and confidence may be the best move you can make today.


I have been photographing weddings and families, primarily based on the island of Ibiza for over 18 years. In this time I have shot well over 500 weddings; From big to small, simple to very extravagant. And on from that Family, Baby and Business Portraits.

I started in 2003 very innocently without a thought of how I would drive ‘a photography business’ forward- I just began to shoot weddings and people.

Over these years I have, of course learnt SO much, what it is to be a people photographer, workflow editing and all postproduction, running it as a business, employing (teaching and mentoring) a handful of photographers and even hosting my own three day workshop here on Ibiza in 2019 (2020 and 2021 versions had to be put on ‘Covid’ hold). The time with each attendee, sharing my knowledge and experiences was the most humbling and fulfilling time.

SO NOW I am excited to share all this and more with you!

O U R  S E S S I O N S


Our Mentoring sessions will be directed by you and your needs.

What are the hurdles you would like to jump the most at the moment?

Where do you need things refined?

Are you more interested in Wedding Photography or Family Portraits?

Maybe you would like to get our of Automatic mode?

Learn how to deal with natural light (my Favourite choice of lighting) or it is more learn to run through your download and back up methods?

Below is a list of possible topics that we can go over. I will send some questions before we connect so we can get an idea and refine exactly what you need. then We can then get stuck right in when online.

Like at my workshop I will be an open book for you to ask me anything. I am not corporate I am a creative. My Strength is my love for photography. I will have a relaxed and gentle approach.

Mentoring Sessions will be held over Zoom.


→Photography Tips; using manual setting, using natural lighting, looking at composition.

→What is in my camera bag, how I use my equipment and why?

→Posing and Directing ideas for weddings, couple or family shoots.

→Shooting and approach to a wedding day.

→Inspirations and where to find them.


→Workflow and Post production- culling, editing, backing up, sending out your galleries.

→Website and portfolio review- I can also look through a full wedding or shoot of yours.

→Building a great Portfolio that is consistent and flows.

→Finding your niche.


→Client Experiences- how to approach client relation from start to finish.

→Pricing- presenting prices and finding where you sit in the market.

→Running a business efficiently- the admin and office side.

→Social Media, simple marketing and blogging.

→Basic SEO & Google Reviews.

→Creating Balance to make your business flow.

W H E R E : O N L I N E


W H E N :

Let’s look at our Calendars.


P R I C E :

1 hour- 150€ Bring a friend- 280€

2 hours-280€ Bring a friend- 520€


If you think you need longer hours or would like monthly meetings please email me for a Bespoke quote.

I also offer one on one -full day- in person mentoring here in Ibiza.

C L I C K   T O   P A Y

We do NOT store your card details

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