Victoria and Brad Ibiza Summer Love

Atzaro Ibiza. October 2017

Hello 2020! Time to get back to this blog of mine. I have had quite a few months off, I don’t know why, I just stopped feeling inspired to show and tell.

The grounds of photography have changed so much in the past few years, mainly with the introduction of Instagram. It makes me question what it is and has been to be a photographer in a time when so much seems to hold on quick passing trends egged on by social medias. We had a decade that said goodbye to analog, went digital, shoved a load of filters into the mix, brought analog back again, added some more filters but darker this time, all the while kind of forgetting the importance of the actual photography, the composition, the skill of making a beautiful image. We have become dependent as a society on imagery, an excess of it across our daily lives that sometimes it feels we forget to really look at the image itself and see if it says something deeper than comes to us in the quick flash of a like button.

Meanwhile I have a wedding to show- an old one but it is always with reflection and time that I prefer my images.

Victoria and Brad chose the end of the summer for their Atzaro love.

Venue / Atzaro .

Celebrant / Ibiza Ceremony  .

Planner / Le jour de Oui .

Flowers / Ibiza Flowers .