Aldona and Shariff and their Formentera Magic

10.7 Formentera. 21st June 2018

OH BOY this was just magic from start to finish. It was so lovely to be invited to photograph this intimate family wedding. Aldona and Sharif were so lovely, calm, kind AND in love. I don’t know how else to describe the vibe, it was just such a sweet and soft feeling amongst them all. Beautiful people. Close family. And meaningful friends.

And then there was the Formentera light on Mid-dsummers day. Fresh, clean, soft, calm. I could not stop photographing them all.

Did I mention the Mahari- now that is a mode of transport for your island wedding day!!

Formentera I love you. You are Paradise.

Venue / 10.7 Formentera . Flowers and Decor /  Atelier de Kentia . Cake / Endulzando Corazones