Boating Day Out to Formentera.

On our sister island

Some days in October 2017

Today I sit on a very cold day up the mountains in Les Houches France, watching the snow fall outside our window. It is silent and calm. Though I am not a massive cold mountain-snowy kind of fan, there is something beautiful and calming about the snow. The mountains views are stunning. The snowboarding is a challenge but rewarding.

I do know though that those warm sunny days, even at the end of October, in Ibiza are bliss. And I am a sunny-beachy-blue skies and seas kind of fan!!

And so I am dreaming of last late October in Ibiza when it was still warm and sunny enough to be out on a ( very swish and swanky) boat with Captain Hayden and a group of our old old London friends , swimming in the beautiful seas of our neighbouring island Formentera.

I can never get enough of those blues and those horizon. All the rest was a massive extra bonus too.