Craig and Navine – A rainy day in November – Family Portrait

A quick rainy half hour session to get Craig and Navine from Cardamom Catering, a happy family, family portrait - couldn´t even feel the rain... ha ha! Can´t believe how much little Conner has grown into a beautiful big Conner. Lovely x

Ricky and Sophie- October 2011, Sol den Serra

Young love - oh so sweet - these two had me capture their amazing first holiday to Ibiza. In love and in love with Ibiza. A very lovely hour was spent at Sol den Serra.....frolicking on the pebbles!! :) x

Angi – August 2011

I met Angi in the play ground and knew I would get some beautiful photos of her and her bump to continue with my little project....with just weeks to go we managed a gorgeous still morning on Cala Pada. It was Perfect! x

Luca – September 2011

Janine and Gary got married in Ibiza all the way back in 2005. A beautiful fun wedding. This year they came back to introduce their son, Luca to Ibiza. Time for a little christening, a holiday and also thought it a great opportunity to get a family portrait on the beach, in the sun.... Luca [...]

Baby Hugo – August 2011

In Spring I photographed Cathryn, Pierre and their lovely bump. Hugo was born on the 7th July and now at four weeks I went back to capture the little bundle. He was a perfect model star! You forget how little and fragile they start out......SO SWEET! Congratulations Cathryn and Pierre, love G x

Lucas, Tyler and Fonzy – July 2011

......and then they grow up to be this - in no time. Lucas' cousins Tyler and Fonzy, visited in July. GORGEOUS BOYS x

Claire, Dean and Ben – June 2011

Claire and Dean got married on Cap des Falco in 2009. It was a beautiful day..... ...getting pregnant soon after their honeymoon, they came back to Ibiza this year for some family photos. We had a lovely not too hot early morning on the beach. And Ben was very well behaived, even keeping his hat [...]

Watson Todd Family Shot – July 2011

With Noah and Shaleen moving to Berlin it was time to do my promised Watson Todd Family Portrait! Childhood friends, Ibiza Campo and a late summer sun, mmm to them all x .........and introducing Lola and Jason´s beautiful baby - who I was yet to meet after photographing Lola and her bump, a week [...]