Angi – August 2011

I met Angi in the play ground and knew I would get some beautiful photos of her and her bump to continue with my little project....with just weeks to go we managed a gorgeous still morning on Cala Pada. It was Perfect! x

Luca – September 2011

Janine and Gary got married in Ibiza all the way back in 2005. A beautiful fun wedding. This year they came back to introduce their son, Luca to Ibiza. Time for a little christening, a holiday and also thought it a great opportunity to get a family portrait on the beach, in the sun.... Luca [...]

Baby Hugo – August 2011

In Spring I photographed Cathryn, Pierre and their lovely bump. Hugo was born on the 7th July and now at four weeks I went back to capture the little bundle. He was a perfect model star! You forget how little and fragile they start out......SO SWEET! Congratulations Cathryn and Pierre, love G x

Lucas, Tyler and Fonzy – July 2011

......and then they grow up to be this - in no time. Lucas' cousins Tyler and Fonzy, visited in July. GORGEOUS BOYS x

Claire, Dean and Ben – June 2011

Claire and Dean got married on Cap des Falco in 2009. It was a beautiful day..... ...getting pregnant soon after their honeymoon, they came back to Ibiza this year for some family photos. We had a lovely not too hot early morning on the beach. And Ben was very well behaived, even keeping his hat [...]

Watson Todd Family Shot – July 2011

With Noah and Shaleen moving to Berlin it was time to do my promised Watson Todd Family Portrait! Childhood friends, Ibiza Campo and a late summer sun, mmm to them all x .........and introducing Lola and Jason´s beautiful baby - who I was yet to meet after photographing Lola and her bump, a week [...]

Eva, Roy and their four beautiful girls-July 2011

Whilst on holiday in Ibiza from Texas, Eva and Roy decided to get an Ibiza family picture, as all four daughters were together, before 2 of them went off travelling....... Wow what beautiful girls!

Baby Reuben

Here are a few lovely shots of Marina Magdalena's, from the MWellness fitness club in Santa Eulalia, little baby Reuben and his sister Lilia. Shot in Spring of this year and only just getting them online........x