A short holiday with three. May 2017

Naples; famous for Pizza, Lemoncello, Vesuvius, Sfogliatella, Baba….. And recently made more famous by Elena Ferrante’s book a Brilliant Friend.

The inspiration and want to visit Naples I suppose came from reading the book but also having a great friend from Naples and it was just one of those Italian towns we wanted to see.

It didn’t disappoint. It was amazing. My best word to describe it – RAW. It felt like Madrid or Barcelona, where I have spent plenty of time, but going back 20 years and in a good way. It is part of Europe but still has the essence of its own identity. The real feeling of an Italian town not completely overtaken by tourism or general European laws.

We did nearly everything a tourist can do, we queued for Pizza, we ate a lot of Ice cream, we saw, we climbed, we strolled, we shopped, we drank volcano water……we had a really amazing 5 day family holiday.

Thank you Massimo and Kerry for the guidance and company.

All shot on my iphone.