Not Just Being A Photographer Anymore

Some Recent Thoughts

I have been out and about gathering the best Ibiza suppliers for my photography workshop coming up in April.
It means I am chatting through what I do, how I did it and where it is!

I do a lot of reflecting and thinking anyway, it can be a lonely business being a photographer with many computer hours alone,
so meeting up with fellow industry friends and chatting is good and fresh.
I am reminded always of the years I have put into being a photographer on Ibiza.
A photographer at many many IBIZA Weddings. It  is actually coming up to 20 years. I talk about it a lot! Maybe I shouldn’t?

You know that age thing where you don’t feel like you are ‘middle’ aged, you still think you are 30 odd and then you look around. You have a teenager.
AND there are all these young, very energetic people doing what you did and do. The same but differently.

I read a post on Instagram the other day and it is so true, this is a change I really see in the Wedding Industry for sure, especially for photographers:

It is not just about the photography anymore.

It is definitely not about being a great quality knowledgeable photographer, though I stand by: being a good photographer is a bonus.
It has become about business and marketing and branding and client relationship and social media.
And if you are rubbish at all these things it seems it is a long harder road ahead.

I did not sign up for the business side of my job. As well as being a photographer I am an editor, accountant, marketing manager, content creator, strategist, writer, blogger, website designer, brand designer, PA to myself, admin assistant, organiser, google calendar expert,  social media expert, personal branding designer, graphic designer, … Did I miss any?

Of course you can delegate, I do BUT I reflect on those years when I was just a photographer making beautiful photographs, with a simple clean website for a portfolio. The enquiries came in. I went to the wedding. I got paid. I delivered the photos and I got on with my life.

So I reflect and wonder because I am not that old and I feel I am the same. I have to keep reminding myself it’s just things have changed around me.
They do. LIFE got faster and fuller. I have adapted.

I am now a photographer and a business owner. Who would have ever thought? Not me if you asked me 20 years ago!

Here are 18 photos . One for every year since my first properly paid wedding in 2004- missing 2020, the first year I did not shoot a wedding since the start.
I started in Film, then shot colour on Digital and B&W on film, until I went all Digital.
It is now fashionable to be a Digital & film photographer again.
Everything goes around in a circle.

last minute adjustments before a wedding in the Ibiza countryside
back view of a bride in her wedding dress holding her bouquet
bride and groom sitting at a table outside a restaurant in Ibiza
groom holding the hand of his bride
bride and groom walking out of the church at their wedding in Ibiza
image through a window of a bride holding her pretty bouquet
black and white photo of the first dance at a wedding in Ibiza
bride in hair and makeup at her Ibiza wedding
bride and groom walking into the sunset alongside a pool at their wedding in Ibiza
Groom holding up his bride's veil while walking across the rocks at their Ibiza wedding
bride and groom kissing on a pier with a sailing boat in the background at their wedding in Ibiza
black and white image of a couple dancing at their Ibiza wedding
groom and groom hand in hand at their wedding in Ibiza
bride and groom kissing by the pool at their Ibiza wedding
bride perched on a garden swing next to her husband
newly wed couple kissing under the trees at an Ibiza wedding
bride descending the stairs holding her bouquet at wedding in Ibiza
bride climbing the stairs with bridesmaid holding veil at an Ibiza wedding, black and white photo