Robin and her lovely Family at the Beach

Ibiza. Augusy 2016

Winter time in Ibiza is thinking and reflecting time, research and study time, discovering and growing time. This year I really feel there is a change here on our little island. It is evolving and moving in new directions. With it so do we.

For me and what I get to do here, I see how much I love ‘the people’ part of my job. Being part of so many  Real life Ibiza moments and memories.

I spent a day last August with these two lovely families, Robin and Dan married here, have a home here, hold Ibiza special, Dan’s brother was visiting all the way from Australia. They asked me to just be with them, on one of their holiday days. A beautiful morning at the beach and afternoon in their home capturing their day with the kids, some formal but mainly just being there.  And outsider becoming an insider for the day. Keeping their memories.

Like I said It is the people part of my job I love.