The Last Supper Club – Ibiza Outdoor Dining

Ibiza. Summer 2019

This this this. I have had the pleasure to collaborate and participate in documenting (and eating at) these fantastic Ibiza evenings.

Sometimes by the sea, sometimes in a rustic old Ibiza house, sometimes in a field, The Last Supper Club is rapidly become a must do whilst you are on holiday here and actually just because when you live here.

Always a long table or two, make friends with strangers, eat the most exotic and creative food, drink wine and maybe a little show to entertain.

The kitchen is Head by James Knight (and sometimes a guest or two) and the rest of  La Grande Bouffe team. The wine by Franco at Decantering Ibiza.

Under the stars, Ibiza being magical, food being food. Can we have some more please?

Food / La Grande Bouffe . Wine / Decantering Ibiza . Venue / Everywhere but its a sectret.