Winter travels with my little Man

Morzine France Barcelona Spain. Winter 2017

Lucas and I have always done many small trips, just us, together since he was a baby. Mainly to see my brother or dad in the south of Spain or to London. With him as a baby I never took my professional camera, my hands always seemed full with baby stuff and the phone was easy, but this year I decided to change that and start to travel with my camera again.

This winter Hayden’s work took him to the French Alps for three months, so we had two weeks over Christmas, in Morzine. The Alps have suffered with very little snow -so with no snow we had no snowboarding for Lucas or ski lessons for me. Hayden was mainly working so it was real Lucas and Me time. He is nine now – my little man and he loves adventure, loves finding new stuff, exploring and investigating, so we went and found stuff. Frozen stuff. We went off up into the woods where it was COLD and frozen and beautiful. I took photos, Lucas smashed ice! We built a wooden wigwam, crunched leaves, smashed through branches, jumped into the snow we could find.

It did eventually snow, we had a snowball fight and one day on the slopes….

Our little trip to Barcelona, was such an exciting 24 hours, both of us buzzing on city life, feeling like real country folk soaking all of it up- cinema, shops, science museums, metro, walking, observing and just PEOPLE.

I have a perfect little travel companion.