What do you look for when choosing a Wedding Photographer?

Some thoughts from Gypsy.


It is a well asked question, especially in these modern days when there is access to so many to choose from.

When I started as a Wedding Photographer it was quite a simple task to be seen and get connected to potential couples and even more so on our small Ibiza. The industry, of ‘Destination Weddings’, was still relatively small and intimate. I knew most of the best Ibiza Wedding Suppliers and they knew me. I had a simple website and being number one on Google Ranking was pretty easy. In the same way as a couple, choosing your photographer, I presume was also relatively easy.

Now we are surrounded by ample amount of photographers, of all talents and experience levels, with another ample amount of ways to promote and market themselves. I have begun to think it must be over whelming as a bride and groom to start looking for all their potential suppliers, especially abroad! I definitely know as a photographer it is over whelming to market yourself amongst all the many options there are now ‘on the market’, even in Ibiza.

SO how do you start?

I suppose there are two things to ask yourself at first; Is the Photography (and Videography) important to you as a couple? How important? Therefore what amount can you put aside for it within your wedding budget?

For some couples the priority is the food or the music or the venue and view. It really is such a personal choice. But for most I think the photography is high up there on the list of number one things to get right.

I am a visual person. For me good photography will always be a priority (wink wink)

We live in much more of an important visual world now- through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc. photography has become a bigger form for communication. (A little pet hate of mine is bad quality photography, especially pixilated photos and crooked horizons.)

A photograph is an instance made into a forever.

For you wedding day, so much planning goes into this one day and after the joy, the partying, the celebration, what do you have left; your marriage, your memories and your photographs and video.

Your family and friend’s Smart phones will give 100s of photos. But the difference of the quality between these and a professional’s 100s of photographs is un comparable.

So, if the photography is important to you, these are some things I would recommend considering;

Style: There are many labels put to Wedding Photography; Fine Art, Documentary, Natural, Relaxed etc. With presets and filters (in Digital photography) it has made it easier for different fashions to influence the style a photographer chooses.  Finding a style that resonates with you and will still resonate in 10 – 20 years time is a valuable decision.

Experience: Check their experience, validate their work. Being a good wedding photographer is not only about being good at taking photos, but having the experience to navigate a wedding day, whilst getting good photographs as well. Don’t only check their Instagram numbers and portfolio. Find a Website, ask for Galleries of real weddings, speak on the phone. Make sure their skill is not just good marketing.

Cost: Most of the time a photographer’s price reflects their experience with in their market. (It is such a big question amongst photographers at the moment, how to price themselves against their competitors.) If you find the photographer that it is right for you, sometimes I even think it is worth not even thinking of what they charge. If this is unrealistic then try to find one that fits best to your style and your budget.

Reviews: Check their reviews.  Find other couples through forums that married in the same place and might have had the same team on their wedding, so you can ask personal questions.

Also remember the photographer(s) will be with you for the whole day, they are a part of the wedding party, whether they are loud and energetic or quiet and in the background. So you want to like them!!

If you have any questions regarding your weddings plans in Ibiza, please just get in touch, I am happy to see what I can answer.

I leave you with some happy photographs from Ibiza weddings I have photographed over the years.