Lauren And Martin a Sunshine Wedding on the hottest Ibiza Day Ever!

Atzaro Ibiza . 29 June 2019



HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are here INTO the next year.  2021 rolled in and we were able to say goodbye to 2020. Did you notice how we all entered humbly, with caution and with not as many goals except to just be better than last year.  Hmmm here is still hoping! I know many are living through another lockdown and more restrictions, including Ibiza. I am feeling it is the key to stay present with our day to day, as much as possible. It’s not time to think too far ahead into this year yet is it?

With that in mind I am starting the year with yet another 2019 wedding, as that is where I left off with weddings! It is one that has not been given enough attention yet but has some beauties in it.

Taking you back to Atzaro, again, I live five minutes up the road so it is a favourite to photograph at- no long drive home after a full days work! It is also beautiful too, no denying? I know when people first ever step into the venue they are stunned- quite literally- the gardens are something, and it is a maze of different well cared for areas. I have to say I take it for granted,  you now when you know something and somewhere so well. That’s Atzaro for me!


So this wedding – Sorry Lauren and Martin- but the first thing that springs to mind from your beautiful day in Ibiza was : OH My it was so hot, I mean SO HOT! I remember when I first met Lauren and her mum the year before. Initially they were looking at a September date- which can always be a bit risky weather wise. There is probably about 50/50% chance of rain. I always say that the last week of June to the first week of August you are  guaranteed the perfect Ibiza weather. It may get hot but it will be sunny. ( I am not 100% right all the time of course! I know that ) Anyway they went for the sun, got the heat but most importantly the bloom of bougainvillea that Atzaro has in June. It is a big wall of  colour.


They went for a ceremony, where all ceremonies used to be, the best long entrance down the middle of all your family and guest, with the perfect exit for THE confetti shot. We did get it! With drinks in any inch of shade anyone could find and dinner under the starry lit tent. Your laugh and cry for speeches, White blooms and Anastasia and her saxophone to kick off the party!

This was a true Ibiza Wedding!


Lauren and Martin, I thank you and your family for having me there. It was an honour you chose me to capture your perfect Atzaro Ibiza Wedding Day.





Venue / Atzaro

Hair & Makeup / Friends of the Bride

Dress / Made With Love

Bridal Brides Shoes / Jimmy Choo

Suit / Zara

Grooms Shoes / Reiss

Flowers / Flowers Ibiza

Celebrant / Melchior

Music / Anastasia Mcqueen

Cake / Sugar Chic