Gemma and Rebecca’s Wedding high up on the hills of North Ibiza

Hacienda Na Xamena. 14th September 2019

This year is the first year I have not photographed a wedding in Ibiza or any where else in maybe 18 years! What a year and it still hasn’t ended. There has been time to reflect, to panic, to worry, to share, to aspire, to inspire, to organise, to go to the beach, to get fit. I think I have done a little of all of this. I have also photographed lots of families instead of weddings, found time to go through old work and contemplate new work. It has been interesting. It definitely has had its up but also downs. It is the year of change no?

Here I haven’t gone that far back here, this is still just a year ago. I do remember after spending the weekend with Gemma and Rebecca that I hadn’t heard and seen so many smiles and so much laughter in a long time. So much kissing too! Of course it is perceived  as different photographing two Brides, their son and daughter, ex and family plus lots of friends, but of course it isn’t. It is two brides, two dresses, two bouquets, two families, a barrel of laughs and so much love.

There is always the possibility of a rainy day in September, no one will admit it or everyone tries to avoid the thought of it. It does happen! Most of the time it is a shower and then the sun comes out. Phew! It can be a tremendous thunderstorm, a down pour and then a spectacular sunset. Maybe just a cloudy day. Normally it is one day only. Places like Na Xamena (check my blog post about Ibiza Wedding Venues for more) with these views that are on top of the world does it matter? This  is still spectacular- always! I think these two lived through the clouds, had a second of sad thought for no sunset and continued with the most amazing time anyway!

Venue / Na Xamena .
Makeup & Hair  /  Hair & Makeup Ibiza .
Dresses / Caroline Castigliano & Alice Temperley .
Shoes / Charlotte Mills .

Celebrant / A friend.
Flowers / Ibiza Flowers .