Wedding Venues on Ibiza

Photographed all over the Island over many years.


With so many years of photographing weddings on Ibiza I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings (and some events) at many many amazing island venues. And there are many! And now so many more. That’s a lot of MANY’s!! (haha).


I often receive emails from prospective brides or even from non-prospective brides asking my recommendations on the nicest spots to have their wedding. Where would you begin? How to break it down and make a decision?


My first question is always – budget. There is a place for all budget weddings on the island. Should I know more about how much everything cost after so many years, maybe? Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you exactly, though I do know, as they say in Spanish ‘mas o menos’ , what goes where….


My next question is whether they would like a private house/villa, a hotel; rural or not, beach, sea or countryside with views or no views, a party into the night or stop by midnight. There are so many more  restrictions that come along with weddings and parties in all these places to consider- every year a little change- Who knows what next year will bring!!?


I do have a list of favourites and the ones I have been to a lot!. I have heard, from many couples,  the story of the long search over a one or two day visit to the island, that ends with real happy tears when they finally walk into THE ONE. Each place has a feeling and meaning for every individual. I believe in knowing and feeling it when you see it.


I recently compiled a photo-list of some of the many different venues I have photographed in . There are many more- small little houses, cliff tops, independent hotel that I have not included, I have a lot of portfolio I could go through. Some are just wedding venues, some are homes too, some go into fashion for a few years and then it changes. Though after 18 years, can you believe it…. I still discover new places.

In no particular order here are a few of the beautiful Ibiza venues I have had the pleasure of photographing at.

I have labeled them with their key assets. Click on a photo to take you to the venues web page. Most couples are choosing Ibiza as a destination for their wedding. For me it is my home, I hope this little list can be a small help to a destination wedding in Ibiza.


Can Gall-  Garden & Countryside

10.7 Formentera-  Sea View Beach & Sunset

Amante – Sea View

Aiyanna-  Beach & Sea View

Elixir-  Sea View Beach & Sunset

Ca Na Xica-  Garden & Countryside

Atzaro-  Garden & Countryside

Can Talaias- CounrtySide & Sea View

Experimental Beach- Sea View Beach & Sunset

Casa Agua- CounrtySide & Sea View

El Chiringuito cala Gracionetta- Sea View Beach & Sunset

Casa Salomon- Sea View

Villa Vista- Sea View

Tagomago island- Sea View

Can Basora- Garden & Countryside

Elements- Sea View Beach & Sunset

Paissa Den Bernat- Sea View & Sunset

La Escollera- Sea View & Beach

El Chiringuto Es Cavallet- Sea View & Beach

Nassau- Sea View & Beach

Na Xemena Hacienda- Sea View & Sunset

Pikes- Country & Garden

Ses Roques- Sea View & Sunset

Cas Mila- Sea View Beach & Sunset

Ses Savines- Sea View

Pura Vida- Sea View & Beach

Aguas De Ibiza- Sea View

Can Rafal- Garden & Countryside

Villa Alexa- Sea View & Sunset

Can Caterina- Garden & Countryside

Cotton Beach Club- Sea View Beach & Sunset

Can Truy- Garden & Countryside


And some I have not yet photographed at but look forward to…..hello 2021….


Casa Maca- Garden & Sea View

Las Cicades- Garden & Countryside

Seven Pines-  Sea View & Sunset

Kazamor- Garden & Sunset