Joy and Keivan by Es Vedra

some point being ‘risky and travelling’ in 2020


Oh boy I started writing a long blog post back a few weeks ago after reading THE FT article about Ibiza- did you see it ( click here)? About Ibiza’s rebirth. It did get me very ‘excited’ and explosive, as it did with many of us born and bread to the island. I have calmed a little now. Though I still do have something to say to Paul Richardson and the FT for claiming lack of Culture and Productivity existing on the island before this influx of the uber wealthy we have seen since the pandemic. I do wonder how anyone thinks it all began; the influx of foreigners on Ibiza? The reason why ANY of us foreigners are here now is because of those creative and productive Ibicencas who allowed many creative and productive international people make this home back in the 50,60,70’s.!!! There is more to it. Maybe next time.

For now LOOK at these two sweethearts at ES VEDRA one perfect morning during July 2020, when we had a respite from over crowdedness. Try get this view, this year! HA!

I get why you all want to see it though. I would if I was visiting…….