Robin and Dan and their funnest Ibiza Holiday Shoots

Cala Vadella early morning one hot Ibiza’s summer day.


I have been photographing this family on their Ibiza Holidays for a few year now. It is the funnest lovely photographing experience. Why? Because they don’t take themselves too seriously and have fun when I am around with my camera. (and probably when I am not too!)

The first time we spent the whole day together.  I was just amongst them catching the action as it flowed. Partly on the beach, partly at their Ibiza home. Sometimes they get into a posing mode but it NEVER lasts too long. Quickly we are back to play, laughs, running, building, eating, splashing and general chaos. That is where the fun photograph begin.

This time we met super early on Cala Vadella, when the beach is stunningly empty. Pretty dresses on to start with, naked in the water to end with. Snack stops, hoola hoop stops, yoga stops and some lovely smiles in between.

Not being restricted to a time slot can really help on a family shoot. It gives time for everyone to get into photo mode, and be relaxed with me and my cameras around. It allows time for really being there intimately. Eeking out a bit more of each little and big character.

Can I let the photos tell you the rest?

Get in touch if you are  in Ibiza this summer and want to get some fun family photos, whether for just one hour or the whole day!!