The End of a Bumper Ibiza Wedding Summer

Summer of Love 2022

This week we (myself and my three fabulous photographer girls) finally come to the end of our bumper 2022 wedding season in Ibiza. Yes of course, we finished shooting weddings back in October but the editing and uploading and slideshow making has been an ongoing task. The final one is going online as I write this, just in time for Christmas. There will be a big sigh of relief and a moment or two to celebrate. Phew we did it. Oh what a ride, a joyful one with a few little bumps on the way but we made it!

Today I was looking back through all our photos trying to choose a few to show  the world out there AND it struck me that May and June feels like it was a life time away. A different year, a different era! How?

We owe a big thank you to all our gorgeous 2022 Ibiza Bride and Grooms. They trusted us this year. Many, after waiting patiently through those damn covid years. AND then having to wait up to three months to see their photos! We know it was worth it though, THANK YOU all and thank you for so many lovely lovely responses and testimonials.

I am feeling proud! Proud of Clarissa, Molly and Brenda for all their hard work. You can see more of their work on And joyful to still be here capturing weddings after so many years. Can I be Cheesy and call it the summer of eternal LOVE because it went on forever and because everyone was so happy and in love?

Here are a few images from all four of us.