Why I get chosen to be an Ibiza Wedding Photographer

Some thoughts


I have spent the last couple of years listening so many podcasts. It is definitely my kind of entertainment these days- so much that my son, if I quote from something I have heard gives a big sigh, ‘not another podcast’ !!It seems the  best way of getting information whilst doing something else. Multitasking magic is mine!

I may have overloaded with information, maybe but it always feels useful in the end.

One thing that gets talked about a lot in the wedding world, whether you are a photographer or any other supplier in weddings, is working out who your ideal clients are and then attracting them. Techniques including things like, thinking about how they dress and what shops they shop in….and putting that out there. I don’t think I have managed this task very well, yet. I am still trying, haha.

My thoughts- maybe It has always been that my ideal client has always been those who marry in Ibiza? I do know Ibiza quite well 😉  Over the last 20 years I have had such a varied type of person, as my couples but at the same time a group of people with something in common: Their LOVE  for this lovely little island Ibiza. Whether you are a football star or a shop assistant, a teacher or a banker there is always a reason and a good reason to get married in Ibiza. I have had the luck to photographed them all! (And am still working out where they all shop!)

20 years is a long time in the business of being an ‘Ibiza wedding Photographer’( it’s a small square mileage of land). I have seen lots of wedding trends along the way. Now as the island has become busier and the weddings more abundant, I have begun to see some patterns and reasons for why I might get booked! My experience of course is vital, with that also comes my age (scream out load). My couples like it Natural (yawn such a boring word these days to describe a photography style)- but It is also key, I get the photographs with and in the flow, not directing, not dictating, not posing too much, just watching and wondering and capturing. They are also often camera shy (I mean sometimes just uber camera shy) or dislike their photo being taken (quite a lot) OR just don’t want to spend hours and hours of their wedding day posing for me and my cameras. The photography and the quality is definitely important (that comes with my age and experience) but so is the time with their guests on their wedding day, it is only one(or two or three) Ibiza days.

Looking back through my work over all these years, the ‘natural’ thing is my thing. I love it about my own work, when I get it right and I pride myself on getting right in the moment. I know this is exactly what I do and have done and in the end I have some of my best and most favourite photographs.

So my thoughts: I think I get booked ( I can be corrected ) a lot of the time because I can get beautiful photographs out of quick spontaneous moments. Moments that can be a smile. A look. A touch. A movement. A cuddle. A gust of wind…..That work within its surroundings and light. I also know that Ibiza light and now a lot of its venues like the back of my hand!

Here are some favourites from years gone by and also more recent weddings.

Ibiza Wedding Photography